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Night watchman blackthorn shillelagh walking stick. Rubber handle steel baton is the best choice for a simple selfdefense weapon, with a simple tap from your wrist the baton will expand to its full size and just swing it towards your assailant. These products combine the best in nonlethal stun stopping power. To register early, call the baton rouge police department training academy at 2253893886, or visit and search baton rouge police. The baton has a molded rubber grip handle for better comfort, to collapse it grip the handle firmly and strike the tip of the baton into a firm. Stun batons are lightweight, durable and easy to use. Is it legal to carry a baton for self defence in india. Check out one of the best ways to work out and learn to protect yourself in dangerous situations. Participants are encouraged to wear comfortable clothing for physical activities.

They feature premium materials, exceptional workmanship and flawless function. Let the personal trainers give you guidance and support when you sign up for a session with them today. I think they both have pros and cons but which one would suit me best. Overall, the expandable baton is an excellent lessthanlethal option for selfdefense due to its portability, effectiveness and psychological impact on targets. Providing quality martial arts instruction to the baton rouge community since 1970. Self defense batons have incredible psychological deterrence and unparalleled control potential. Their police baton design makes them a serious threat to attackers. Batons law enforcement batons, fighting clubs, maces. There are different names for a baton such as a truncheon, nightstick or billyclub. We offer expert instruction for people who need advanced lessons. Angels of selfdefense, llc is located at 9770 s vignes rd in baton rouge and has been in the business of nonclassifiable establishments since 2010.

These self defense self defense products range from 12 inches to 32. Maybe few times a month when i will be going home really late. So far, ive figured out that the best ones out there for me are the extendable ones. Baton rouge krav maga helps teach local residents to defend themselves and their loved ones while getting in the best shape of their lives. The ultimate guide to over 250 selfdefense and combative techniques english edition. So, thanks for deciding to read the question, this is one of the more serious ones. These classes bring fitness to a whole new level, leaving you feeling and looking your best. Offensive weapons any bomb, grenade, machine gun, sawedoff shotgun with a barrel less than 18 inches, firearm specially made or specially adapted for concealment or silent discharge, any blackjack, sandbag, metal knuckles, dagger, knife, razor or. I see police carrying them even when they have guns. Self defense is serious business, and sometimes even the smallest most discrete weapon can do severe damage to your attacker.

How useful is a retractable baton in self defense situation when your opponents do not have projectile weapons like firearms. Brownells is your source for batons,self defense at brownells parts and accessories. The equalizer womens selfdefense class is completely free of charge and open to women over the age of. Weaponless defense and control and baton techniques. The ultimate guide to over 230 selfdefense and combative techniques 1st paperback printing by darren levine, john whitman. Reviewed in the united states on february 27, 2018. Sensei maranto has over 27 years of martial arts experience, and has been teaching martial arts in the baton rouge area for over 16 years. Personal defense training, llc firearms safety training.

Carrying self defense baton in pa yea after reading the law and searching through some case law the only things i could find were instances where one was used in a crime. I am a dedicated and charismatic individual with experience in the fields of boxing, strength training, bodybuilding, sports performance, fat loss, and. You may have seen police officers with much larger and heavier expandable batons, or you may compare this to the billy club or night stick defensive tools, or the eskrima stick used by martial artists. Wafb the baton rouge police department is sponsoring an equalizer womens self defense ewsd course in. Answered this on september 14, 2017 ive always found that the best way to publish a event is in the newspaper, your local business, yard signs, your website, the mail, door hanger, radio station, and. It is clearly defined that nothing is an offence which is done in the exercise of ropdright of private defence but it has some essential in it too. Buy a self defense stun baton from guardian self defense. Kimms institute of self defense opened in 1970 on plank road and in. The top three selfdefense tools that i carry daily are my gun currently a springfield 1911, a knife benchmade, kershaw, or one of several others, and a tactical pen. Partnering with bluepoint technology, kelly and his father, former police chief jeff leduff, offer the.

Our team has selected the best stun batons to help you find the right self defense product for your needs. Our taser batons feature just as much strength as our top selling stun gun, taser gun, and flashlight stun gun units. They are hidden easily and although they require a bit of familiarity to use them effectively, theyre as simple a design for a weapon as youre going to get. Self defense batons for sale self defense products. Safety features prevent accidental shock and they are available in different sizes and voltages. Bruce tegner is a worldrenowned authority, teacher and writer in the field of the martial arts. Save rewilding a free 11 day virtual retreat to your collection. Effective batons for self defense can save your life during an attack.

Building a support network is ideal for weight loss or achieving great fitness. If you are looking for effective selfdefense with extra reach, the telescopic steel baton is it. Police riot control teams carry some kind of baton too, just fixed length though, wonder why. However, i realize not everyone is comfortable carrying a gun and i would never recommend someone do so who isnt comfortable and well trained. Hooapoun kubaton self defense keychain metal aluminum kubaton keyring safe blunt chain martial arts batons for pressure tactical window breaker selfprotection stick personal protection,3 pack. The choice has to be between three of them, the two well known asp and monadnock. Heyoung is also an author of nine books on korean martial arts and. Johny from knight personal protection and training,inc.

Practical defense llc is a louisiana limitedliability company filed on october 8, 2012. Batons are, for the most part, made of wood, plastic or metal. However, it is important to understand that in most jurisdictions throughout the u. Like any weapon it has its strengths and its weaknesses. Batons personal protection devices self defense items. Learn jiu jitsu in baton rouge or sign up for selfdefense classes for all ages. Just in the past week, the front zipper on both jackets has started separating in the middle of the zipper. Learn jiu jitsu in baton rouge or sign up for self defense classes for all ages. The companys filing status is listed as active and its file number is 40960245k. Selfdefense batons range from a simple wooden club my personal favorite to a collapsible, telescopic rod made out of composite materials like rubber or steel. Prohibited offensive weapon does not really pertain to batons, because they are not specified in the section. Train under gracie jui jitsu black belts in brazilian jiu jitsu martial arts. The registered agent on file for this company is scott duet and is located at. Ive researched batons and such but i cannot get any solid information on the subject.

Unlike some weapons, such as a stun gun, the baton does require skill to use effectively. Im going to go ahead and carry it when walking the dog, it will get the point across if something happens, and i can manipulate it so that it will only cause a bit of. Defenseshopper protect yourself protect your stuff stay safe crime defense self defense home security free shipping. If youre looking for selfdefense gear, the expandable baton demonstrated in this video is a very compact and lightweight model. Baton autodefense selfdefense portable retractable en trois parties acier. Stun batons offer extended reach and are excellent defense weapons for use against humans and aggressive dogs. There are a lot of choices out there when you are talking about items for selfdefense. Our selfdefense programs will improve discipline, morale and critical thinking, promote good decisionmaking, a healthy lifestyle, and selfcontrol.

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