Titleist d3 driver with a3 setting

Perhaps your used titleist driver didnt come with a handy guide. Cant tell anybody much about the drivers but can tell about fairways and hybrids. Going left on the chart to the 3 or 2 side may work best for you. They have come pretty close to killing a decades old myth. So you bought an adjustable titleist driver, fairway wood or hybrid but dont know what the letters and numbers mean on the hosel. Dont be afraid to try opposite settings to what they say is to happen at those settings. Hi guys, anyone know the lie angle for a titleist 917 d3 driver in the a1 setting. When going from a1 to d4, you can observe the face area position ranges from. What you need to know about the titleist 917 drivers the. Long story short, if i maintained the same setup position and tried to swing through without raising the handle more than normal, a more upright lie angle will produce a shot that starts slightly more to the left a degree or two and with more draw. Sep 14, 2017 titleist 917 driver draw and fade setting test duration. From that position, you can adjust the clubs loft up.

Mark hits the new titleist 917 driver and talks about how the weoght change using the surefit cg. With a more traditional approach than the d2, the d3 comes with 440cc. The reason being i play my irons 2 upright so i felt as though my hands were way to low to set up and there was no way my hands were going to return to that position during my swing to return there for a solid strike. For best results, see an authorized titleist fitter. Apr 16, 2018 for those titleist metals, in the 910 series towards the 816 hybrids, the a1 setting has got the standard loft mentioned around the club and also the face position is.

The 917d2 driver provides distance with forgiveness in a full pear, 460cc profile. I play a 910d2 and had it in a3 last season but have now moved it to a2 to get the ball flight and spin down. Titleist surefit hosel adjustment guide sep 26, 2017. By golfspy studque, july 29, 2017 in general equipment talk. It appears that you were not fitted for this club and purchased it off the rack. When the titleist 915 d2 was first being developed, original prototypes of the driver actually exceeded the usgas limit on how springy a face could be, so with this news, titleist done further research and developed a variable face insert using forged 64 titanium which is thicker in the middle and thinner around the edges. Even though the ts drivers have taken on a whole new configuration, one. A righthanded clubs standard setting is a1 lh clubs standard setting is d4. You may like instruction use this popular training aid to improve your swing plane gear. The stock setting is d4 for left hand as opposed to a1 for rh.

Hey guys, just purchased a titleist 9d3 and having a dreaded slice with it. The titleist 917 d3 driver is designed to deliver the most complete performing driver to date. If you adjust the surefit hosel to d1 or c1 or d2 or c2 that will give you a lower ball flight. Titleist s best driver yet titleist doesnt rush drivers to the market, but has a calculated plan to introduce a better driver every 2 years, they spend that time making improvements over the previous model. Click here to find out how the titleist 9 d3 scored in the drivers test 2014.

Included in the purchase of a titleist 917 you will be issued. Titleist 917 driver draw and fade setting test with mark crossfield pga professional askgolfguru. These are great drivers and with one in your bag, your playing partners might even mistake you for a great golfer too. They provide increased speed for more distance, even on offcenter hits, along with the capability for precise customization so every player can get the most out of every drive. Along with the ts2, it puts titleist s drivers on a level with the other major oems for the first time in a long time. Both the titleist 917 d2 and the d3 are fully adjustable and allow you to craft the perfect drive on every shot.

The 9, like the 910 and 909 and others before it, has a great sound at impact. The club would sit square naturally on the a3 setting. New titleist 917 metals deliver the most complete performance in the game today. Find a fitting location by using the search tool below or calling 1888 titleist. The titleist ts3 driver puts modern performance into a traditional package.

As such the titleist 9 d2 and d3 are the best in the titleist line, and because titleist entered the adjustable hosel craze a year or two after some other companies, they seem to have. Mar, 20 as such the titleist 9 d2 and d3 are the best in the titleist line, and because titleist entered the adjustable hosel craze a year or two after some other companies, they seem to have skipped right to the solid phase. You could be cheapdst at a set comprised of 5pw 6 irons so we have calculated and adjusted the rrp accordingly. For all titleist metals, from the 910 series to the 816 hybrids, the a1 setting has the standard loft stated on the club and the face angle is. Custom titleist shafts come complete with a titleist shaft sleeve already installed. Jan 19, 2015 the titleist 915d3 driver is a nice blend of forgiveness, performance, and playability from a classic golf brand with a focus on modern performance.

Titleist 917 driver draw and fade setting test youtube. How to adjust the titleist 915 d2 driver 3balls blog. The settings run from a1 to d4 with the above chart explaining what each setting does. Titleist adapter hitting ball on each setting youtube.

What setting will give me 12 degree closed face on my 9. The letters and numbers on the surefit hosel represent different settings. Oct 29, 2014 perhaps your used titleist driver didnt come with a handy guide. Instantly felt better although i had looked for the d3. Lowest prices on titleist drivers at golf discount. Just a little tutorial on how to change the setting on your 910 woods. Titleist 917 driver draw and fade setting test duration. How to adjust the titleist 915 d drivers check out the titleist 915 d drivers at tgw. It really comes down to preference on look and feel. Jul 11, 2016 youve just bought your titleist 915 d2 driver. But how do you adjust the driver to suit your ball flight. Mark hits the new titleist 917 driver and talks about how the weoght change using the. As always, if you want to get the most out of this club, make sure youre fit for the right shaft, loft, and settings for your swings. Adjusting a driver can be an exercise in frustration.

Titleist driver righthanded golf clubs for sale ebay. The titleist 915d3 driver provides a workable, lower spin option for players that want a lower, more controllable ball flight. The titleist 9d3 driver is a classic, pearshaped driver that is designed for the better golfer. For me it starting back with the 910 drivers, when they added one of the best adjustable hosel systems on the market. The d2s at least on the prior models are the 460cc heads while the d3 s are usually a bit smaller and more traditional shaped heads. Correct setting 9 driver club fitting team titleist. Titleist say they drew on the popular 910 driver shape for the d3. Every two years like clockwork, titleist launches a new model. Titleist 915d3 driver workable and forgiving, the 915 d3 driver delivers distance with trajectory control. Like all titleist clubs, exceptional feel is complemented by performance and classic styling in these drivers. The club features an array of adjustable technology. May 22, 2012 the aberration of the 907 d1 aside, titleist have never really made an ugly driver. Dec 04, 2019 the titleist 917 driver and fairway woods are complete with the surefit hosel technology, that many of us will know, this featured in the 915 range.

The titleist 917 driver and fairway woods are complete with the surefit hosel technology, that many of us will know, this featured in the 915 range. Fit your titleist 917 d2, 917 d3, ts2, or ts3 driver with the shaft thats just right for you. Titleist is well represented on the pga tour as well as most international competitive tours. The 440cc deep face pear profile provides confidence to manage your trajectory. The best way to truly appreciate the complete performance of titleist golf clubs, achieve total confidence on every shot, and shoot lower scores, is to experience titleist club fitting for yourself. With the all black pvd finish and classic pear shaped lines, both the 910 d2 and d3 heads look great from any angle.

A3, b4, c1, d2 i have found that with the same head but different shafts the setting that works best is often different. Titleist 917f2 wfujikura speeder pro tour spec 84 stiff 2i. This driver features faster ball speeds with an improved active recoil channel that produces. Titleist is also an extremely strong leader in the golf ball market. Titleist 917 d2 vs d3 driver austads golf the leader. If you are a golfer who likes the ability to tinker with your driver and adjust your settings, youre going to love titleist s 917 drivers. Slightly smaller than the 9d2 at 445cc the d3 has similar technology. If you bought a new titleist 9 d2 driver, you may be able to squeeze more distance out with fine tuning. Feb 24, 2015 the titleist 915 d4 driver available in 8. I would start at d4 adding a little loft on the d3. The surefit hosel allows you to adjust your loft and lie settings 16 different ways, independently going up or down by 1. The 9s, once fitted, definitely lived up to titleists forgiveness promise.

Get a great deal on your new or used titleist driver when you trade in your used clubs with one of the best online golf club tradein programs available, right here at. Help with 915 driver setting golf clubs team titleist. Unless new in plastic,doubt one could find a nicer d2. Titleist driver settings the golf shop online blog. A rear weight lowers the center of gravity that increases launch angle and increases moment of inertia to stabilize the face when the ball is struck offcenter. The chart orientation is opposite, but moving up or down will still increasedecrease loft. The titleist 915 driver features a whole manner of adjustable technology. The hosel allows for independent setting of loft and lie for woods and hybrids. The titleist pro v1 golf ball was used and tee height was kept constant for each shot. According to titleist vp of marketing chris mcginley, the new 9 driver adds more length over the older 910 driver.

How to change the setting on the 910 woods youtube. Is there an adjustment setting that might better suit me. Titleist 910d3 drivers, released in 2010, features a 445cc classicpear shaped head design that promotes a straighter ball flight with low spin, and provides increased workability. To change the settings on the surefit tour hosel, you must first loosen the screw on top of the club head.

D3 was slightly left of center, a2 was slightly right of center and d2 was 5 yards left. Brett porath from titleist takes you through the process of adjusting your driver to. Let us help you set up or adjust your titleist 9 d2 driver to better suit your game. Adjusting the hosel of a titleist 9 d2 driver 3balls blog. When going from a1 to d4, you can see the face angle goes from.

Testing the 16 settings of the titleist surefit hosel. Dec 14, 2016 titleist 917 driver draw and fade setting test with mark crossfield pga professional askgolfguru. Mark hits the new titleist 917 driver and talks about how the weoght change using the surefit cg can effect your golf shots and your ball flight. Look at the performance guide matrix and plug in you specs in the a1 setting, it will provide all the lie and loft information. In this case, adjusting the hosel could be a confusing option.

Best of all, the 917 drivers accomplish this weighting jujitsu without touching the classic look, sound and feel of a titleist driver. Titleist s excitement about its new 917 drivers exists on multiple levels and started as engineers discovered upon completion of the new design that they had created a product that compared to its predecessor, the 915 driver. Distance meets workability in this driver with lower launch and less spin than its predecessor. Titleist, along with pinnacle, and footjoy brands, together comprise acushnet company, which is an operating company of fila korea, ltd. The titleist 9 d2 driver does come with an adjustable hosel.

The 915d3 is slightly smaller at 440cc than the 915d2 and has a deeper face to. Oct 31, 2018 the new ts woods have made titleist competitive with callaway, ping, and taylormade for the first time in several years, and the ts2 driver showcases that best. All you have to do is use your adjustability wrench to secure the shaft to the club head. If i adjust my driver from the a1stock position driver loft at number printed on head and face open 12 degree, lie angle 58.

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